Cal Rosen, SGI Canada

Cal Rosen, CDO, SGI Canada

Cal Rosen, Chief Data Officer, SGI CANADA is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He began his data and analytics journey more than 30 years ago. As a Management Consultant and Senor Executive, he has defined, led and delivered numerous end-to-end large-scale data and analytics programs and systems in multiple industries across North America for approximately 40 organizations (i.e., Communications, Retail, Banking & Insurance (P&C and Life), Energy & Utilities, Transportation, Healthcare, Natural Resources, Gaming, Public Sector, and others). He is a Digital, Data & Analytics transformation leader, innovator, evangelist, and visionary with hands-on business and technology expertise that runs 5 miles deep with surgical precision (what, why, how and who) in capturing data (business processes, customers & channels), caring for data (data governance, metadata & quality management), exploiting data (cloud-based analytics & insights), and turning insights into action (the moment of truth). His specialty is building data & analytics programs from a blank canvas, starting with concept ideation through implementation to adoption and action addressing multiple dimensions across people, process, and technology towards realizing data-driven business outcomes and actions.

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