Dr. Daniel Pullen, SAIC

Dr. Daniel Pullen, Chief Data Scientist and Data Architect, SAIC

Daniel Pullen is currently the Chief Data Architect and Data Scientist for SAIC’s corporate data operation. SAIC is a fortune 500 Information Technology Services company based in Reston, Virginia. Currently, Daniel is leading the implementation of SAIC’s Cloud Native Data Platform that puts Data Management, Data Governance, Master Data Management and Cloud Native concepts at the forefront. Daniel Pullen started his journey in the realm of data through his education. He has three degrees in Information and Information Quality spanning from his B.S. of Information Science through his PhD in Integrated Computing: Information Quality Track. During his career in data, Daniel has participated in research and publications in both an academic and industrial capacities. He is passionate about data and how effective analytics can provide substantial value for organizations. Daniel always likes to highlight that modern Data Analytics through the application of comprehensive statistical models, machine learning and artificial intelligent are only successful through effective Data Management, Data Governance and Master Data Management. He has a rich background and experience in core data competencies including but not limited to Data Management, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Entity Resolution, Data Warehousing and Data Science. Entity Resolution was the topic of Daniel’s Doctoral Research at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and his first exposure to the concepts of Information Quality. It will always be his first love when it comes to data!

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