Session 10-F

Mastering the Counter-Conventional Mindsets of Entrepreneurs

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Break the Rules! The 6 Counter-Conventional Mindsets of Entrepreneurs That Can Help Anyone Change the World (Wiley 2023)

In his latest book, Break the Rules!, John Mullins draws on 20 years of field research to build a compelling argument that successful entrepreneurs exhibit one or more of six mindsets that allow them to challenge assumptions, overcome obstacles, mitigate risk and, sometimes, change the world. Surprisingly, however, these mindsets run counter to the conventional wisdom that’s typically found in large and well-established companies. They fly in the face of what’s taught in business schools about strategy, core competencies, target marketing, financing and more.

John’s talk will bring to life the six counter-conventional mindsets that enable iconic entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Sunil Bharti Mittal, Elon Musk and others to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves along the entrepreneurial path. Innovators looking for the next big thing and the people who work for them owe it to themselves to understand, master, and embrace these winning mindsets.


John Mullins

Associate Professor of Management Practice, London Business School