Session 11-D

Automated Data Quality at Enterprise Scale

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Data tends to be perfectly acceptable until it is needed – and that’s when data quality becomes important.    However, “siloed” data quality programs often fail to address the root causes of data quality – and can even make data quality worse at the enterprise level.   Ab Initio recommends an approach that combines business-focused data quality management along with Machine Learning techniques to help reveal the business context of data.  This provides complete transparency to data quality issues and ensures consistency in measurement across the enterprise.   Through this, CDO’s can support business accountability, correct data quality issues where ever they arise, and ensure that data provides maximum value to the organization.

In this presentation, Ab Initio will share its experience and emerging best practices in scaling enterprise-wide data quality programs that leverage business-focused data quality and Machine Learning.


Kristian Desch

Senior Strategic Consultant, Ab Initio

Ed Sheehy

Senior Strategic Consultant, Ab Initio