Session 19-B

Data Economics: Quantifying the Financial Benefits for Data ROI

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Enlightened CDOs have the opportunity to grow market capitalization (publicly traded companies) or to drive incremental stakeholder alignment (non-public organizations) based on the hidden value of data. Intangibles make up more than 80% of the Enterprise Value of S&P 500 Companies. Traditional definitions of Intangibles include goodwill, customer lists and intellectual property BUT DO NOT include data.

During this session, industry experts will cover:

  • Structured approach to driving data economics and ROI
  • Best practices to building a data products taxonomy
  • Mapping data products to current and potential sources of enterprise value
  • Approaches to quantifying financial benefits of data with business cases and Monte Carlo
  • Best practices to drive alignment between the CDO and CFO for a successful data economics program
  • Importance of financial literacy within the data management community
  • Alignment with the EDM Council’s DCAM, CDMC and ESG frameworks

Sunil Soares

Founder & CEO, YDC

Joseph Sommer

Managing Director, EY

Michael Cappetta

CDO, Northwest Bank