Session 22-E

Prioritization algorithm enabled by data sciences allows to prioritize data science

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The cycle for selection of a “prioritized” data science use cases within organizations span 3 – 6 months with business requirements and value around a specific use case requirements for peer-reviews and multiple presentations to leadership and data steering committees.
We will present a framework with real world examples and business stories on how AI driven framework based on “business use case prioritization score” allows business and technology leaders to identify the most potential value use cases for data science.
Business stories as presented and mapped in a standard way using a template for the AI model to ingest. AI/ML model then based on historical data, current business strategy and current data strategy will recommend the prioritization score and other customer specific variables recommend the prioritization score for faster decision making.


KARAn Dhawal

Data and Transformation Leader, ZS

Shri Salem

Partner with ZS on Data Strategy

Sidd Kuckreja

CTO, CUNA Mutual (TruStage)