Session 3-D

Leveraging data for change – How UBS harnesses data management capabilities to support transformation

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List of Keywords: Data management, data quality, banking

Abstract: In today’s digital age, robust data management lays the groundwork required for banks to utilize data in transformative activities. This presentation highlights how UBS harnesses distinct data management capabilities and associated insights to enable transformation across the firm.

Description: Data plays a crucial role in enabling transformation in banks. It provides valuable insights for informed decision-making, supports risk management and compliance efforts, and drives operational efficiency. However, with increasing data volume comes the risk of poor data governance and data quality. Effective data management serves as the foundational practice for banks to ensure that data being used in transformative activities is governed, accurate and complete. This presentation highlights how UBS harnesses distinct data management capabilities to provide robust data governance and good quality data for various purposes. These capabilities encompass the establishment of data governance structures, the description and inventorying of key data, the management of data quality and the sourcing from controlled source systems. By leveraging these data management capabilities, UBS aims to increase trust and transparency regarding its company data.

Key learnings: Data management capabilities are foundational mechanisms that can be leveraged to support enterprise-wide transformation.


Lafir Thassim

Managing Director and Head of Group Data Management, UBS

Corey Eastman (Introduction and opening remarks)

Global Executive Principal, Thoughtworks