Session 3-A

Data Sustainability #dataisnotfree #dataisnotgreen

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The presentation explores the relationship between the exponential growth of data and the environmental and business sustainability goals. Organisations struggle with treating the effects of data growth: controlling accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of data exchanges, managing ever more complex data and information architectures, controlling access to sensitive data, dealing with growing needs of storage and archiving solutions, implementing information discovery solutions, etc. The causes of such challenges are not systematically addressed, or even understood at the leadership level. Accountability for the issues caused by data explosion may be clear, but the CDO has an opportunity – or, perhaps, the obligation – to address its causes and bring organisations from pre-digital to post-digital information management practices. The provocation in this presentation is whether the CDO must drive responsible data behaviours in the organisation. It suggests that the typical CDO has focused on challenges of compliance, governance and exploitation of data, and postulates that organisations have yet to acknowledge that data management is part of all roles, not only the Data and Information Technology teams.



Former Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Nationwide Building Society, UK