Session 5-A

Accelerate data-driven value with data governance by the business, for the business

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Federated Data Governance is transforming data-driven value by bringing more business stakeholders into the data supply chain. Accelerated by the power of AI, data can now be governed and managed by the very people tasked with finding new revenue streams and opportunities from it. By empowering business users, organizations can break down data silos, generate insights quickly, and govern their data assets more securely and with greater impact than ever before. Join Damon Buono, Head of Data Governance at Microsoft, and Tim Ward, CEO, and co-founder of CluedIn, to learn how you too can benefit from fully governed, federated data that is primed for both productivity and protection.


Damon Buono

Head of Enterprise Data Governance, Microsoft

Tim Ward

CEO and Co-founder, CluedIn