Session 6-A

Shaping the Future of Data: Harnessing the Power of Data Products and Data Mesh with Unified Architectures

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Data products have emerged as a topic of immense interest among data practitioners due to their value and direct tangible impact on ROI. This session delves into the pivotal role of unified data architectures in simplifying complex data infrastructures and untangling swampy data owned by organizations to eventually enable data products and other higher-order design patterns like the Data Mesh.

The debate between Unified and Assembled Systems has been at the forefront of discussions for data architects, and this session provides a composite view of both, delving into the criteria for qualifying as a unified architecture and understanding its direct practical implementation: Data Developer Platforms (DDPs).

Data Developer Platforms (DDPs), as a tangible manifestation of unified architectures, are powerful tools that directly facilitate the creation of data products. They effectively act as a cushion for rapid trends by providing the flexibility to furnish various data design patterns on top of it. By the end of the session, attendees will gain practical insights into how a DDP with a unified foundation implements such patterns through real-world examples. They will be equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions and drive valuable innovation in their data landscapes.


Animesh Kumar

Co-founder & CTO, The Modern Data Company

Divya Joshi

Data Partnerships Leader, Thoughtworks