Justin Magruder, SAIC

Justin Magruder, Vice President and Chief Data Officer, SAIC

Dr. Magruder is the Chief Data Officer for SAIC, a fortune 500 Information Technology Services company based in Reston, Virginia.

Justin is a pioneer and a thought leader in the field of data governance, master and reference data and data operations, with more than 25 years supporting data  operations, leaders and decision makers to improve business performance through better data management.  He has led efforts at a number of world class organizations to improve business, financial and operational performance, to reduce costs and manage operational risks, and to improve the quality of customer, account, portfolio, and product data, transaction data processing and analytics.

Justin’s experience spans the broad domain of modern enterprise data and information management by enabling next generation information and process management. Data driven disciplines include strategy development, strategy execution, customer and account management, order management, settlement and clearance, performance measurement and attribution, and other types of quantitative and qualitative analytics.

He has delivered sophisticated technical solutions for managing massive volumes of disparate, high speed structured and unstructured data and information.

In his role with SAIC, he is continuously developing and leading implementation of its Enterprise Data Strategy including Lakehouse and DataOps solutions to support Artificial Intelligence, Zero Trust and Information Governance programs.

Prior to joining SAIC, Justin founded Noetic Partners, a financial data and information architecture practice that supports sophisticated clients in the financial services industry.

Justin was Director of Market Data and Technology Strategy for Deutsche Bank’s Chief Investment Office, Director of Development for Merrill Lynch’s MLX platform,

Program Manager for JP Morgan’s LabMorgan Credit Origination and Risk Management, and Program Manager for J.P. Morgan Securities’ Counterparty and Instrument Reference Data Services.

Justin is a Advisory Board Member for National Science Foundation’s Arkansas EPSCoR DART program, and Board Member for ECCMA, the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association.  He is a technical advisor to the International Standards Organization’s Technical Committee 184 for Automation, Artificial Intelligence & Integration, and the liaison for Technical Committee 68 for Financial Services.

Justin developed the Noetic Master Model TM to help investors and risk managers evaluate investments, portfolio construction, market analytics, financial and operational risk management, and instrument master data and the Noetic Partners Identifier – a unique, standard natural identifier and data model to improve counterparty and operational risk management in global markets electronic commerce.

He developed several patented and trade secret ideas, including a continuous method to correct time stamps for low latency transaction-processing systems.

Justin developed a benchmark of domestic mortgage industry data used by management, regulators, and examiners to manage exposure during the 2008-2009 credit crisis, and a quantitative analysis of credit rating products from Moody’s, Fitch and S&P for for a global banking consortium led by Deutsche Bank’s Research Center.

Justin earned a Bachelor’s degree from Colorado College, an MBA in Finance from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, and a PhD in Computing and Information Science at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  He has been certified as a FISD Financial Information Associate, a DAMA CDMP, a member of American Mensa, a Collibra DG Steward, a United Nations Open Data Advisor, an ECCMA ISO 8000 MDQM and an ACF Chef Saucier.  He is a founding member of the isCDO and a partner with the MIT Information Quality Program.

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