Anurag Singh, Incept Data Solutions

Anurag Singh, Field Chief Technology Officer, Incept Data Solutions

The upcoming symposium will feature a presentation and discussion led by Incept Data Solution’s Field CTO, Anurag Singh. Anurag’s extensive experience as a solutions and enterprise architect for data management and governance solutions spans over 15 years. Having participated and led over 40 projects at Incept in the last seven years, he possesses deep expertise in the latest data management technology and cloud technologies, including AWS and Azure. Anurag is just as comfortable in a deep technical conversation as he is discussing business strategy and drivers. He has a proven track record of success in industries such as pharma, healthcare, and finance, and he is well-versed in the challenges that organizations face in these domains. His expertise will undoubtedly provide valuable insights to attendees at the conference.

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