Day 1 Keynote

Evolution of the data-driven enterprise

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Recent accelerations of technology with increased value recognition of data, and greater data literacy are clarifying what it means for enterprises to be “data driven”. In the next 5 years, smart workflows and seamless interactions among humans and machines will likely be as common as the corporate balance sheet, and most employees will utilize data to optimize nearly every aspect of their work. We know this timeframe isn’t too far off, but that’s the point.

A few characteristics will define the new data-driven enterprise. We are already seeing companies exhibit many of these characteristics, such as democratization of data, utilization of holistic data ecosystems and delivery of data as a product. Those able to invest and make the fastest progress stand to capture the highest value from data-supported capabilities.

This discussion is intended to help CDOs understand and explain the characteristics of evolved data-driven enterprises and the value of data capabilities to those organizations. It will also provide resources and insights on how to embed them effectively into organizations to maximize enterprise value


kayvaun rowshankish

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company