Session 12-D

Migration Optimization Modernization (MOM): Effective Solutions to Building a Successful Data Center of Excellence

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Every enterprise attempting to set up successful data COE encounters the following six challenges.

  1. Create a Data-driven Culture and improve Data Literacy
  2. Drive Measurable Value to improve ROI
  3. Security & Governance with Data COE
  4. Harmonize Business / Technology with Data Science and Data Engineering
  5. Reduce Tech Debt and Funding
  6. Develop Innovative Data ProductsSolving for this requires a framework led approach with purpose-built tools and solutions. During this session, USEReady invited enterprise leaders to share their experience in solving the challenges they have tackled within their enterprise.


Greg kinney

Chief Revenue Officer, USEReady

madhu bangalore

Director – Digital Innovation, Enterprise Data & Analytics, Celanese

Jonathan wray

Co-founder, Aible