Madhu Bangalore, Celanese International

Madhu Bangalore, Director, Digital Innovation, Enterprise Data & Analytics, Celanese International

Madhu Bangalore is the Director, Digital Innovation, Enterprise Data & Analytics at Celanese International. He is a seasoned executive leader with 20+ years of expertise in building business capabilities while delivering value to Fortune 500 clients through innovative approaches to solving global business issues. During his nearly two decades at Celanese, he has played a significant role in numerous key initiatives, including the development and execution of data migration services for the company’s SAP S/4 program, the development of a data north star to serve customers, grow profitability, and enhance business agility, and the rollout of “CelAnytics,” a marketplace for analytics that facilitates decision-making for 13,000 employees. Madhu holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering from Bangalore University and a Master of Science in Computer Science/Applied Mathematics from the University of Central Oklahoma.

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