Session 13-B

Driving Data Transformations at Scale

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List of Keywords: Data Mesh, Data Culture, Data Governance, Digital Transformation

Abstract: Data transformation in large enterprises are not just dependent on technology, but people, culture and governance have a big role to play. We will share the data modernization journey in the Pratt & Whitney F135 Program.  It has just begun but there are a lot of learnings that will benefit others who are embarking on to a similar initiative.

Description: Incremental steps in technology, culture, people and governance are a key for a successful adoption of large enterprise data transformation efforts. We are implementing Data Mesh to leverage our data and bring it front and center for all analytics and decision making. We will share strategies that worked for us and; experiences and learning that others can benefit from.

Key learnings: Transforming data in enterprises takes time and effort, it is not just a technology transformation but also impacts people and culture.



Director, F135 Digital Strategy, Pratt & Whitney

Saurabh Gupta

Head of Data Strategy & Governance, Thoughtworks