Session 11-E

Data Means Business: Adapt, evolve and scale your data strategy

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With the increasing importance of data in today’s business environment, the rapid pace of change and the disruption hitting sectors from within and through macro challenges, it’s become necessary to have a data strategy that’s able to flex and adapt. Having an organisation that is capable and literate enough to use data to guide its decisions to survive and thrive is no longer a nice to have.

In this session, Jason Foster, the author of Data Means Business and CEO at Cynozure, will share strategies, approaches and mindsets needed to level up your organisation through the application of data and analytics. He will highlight the need for companies to be agile and responsive to changing business demands and quickly adapt their data strategy to remain competitive and relevant.



Founder and CEO, Cynozure

Ashley Brinegar

Chief Data Officer (CDO), PCC Metals and Forgings