Session 17-A

Managing Data in Multifaceted Government Organizations

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Data critically enables the execution of acquisition and sustainment programs in the Department of Defense. The data and analytical management across Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine programs require organizational insight, political savviness, functional knowledge, and technical expertise to leverage commercial tools, technology, and techniques to deliver mission outcomes. This panel will explore successes, challenges, and opportunities to deliver organizational change, innovation, and mission outcomes to the Department.


Moderator: Mark Krzysko

Principal Deputy Director, Acquisition Data and Analytics, Department of Defense

Panelist: Philip S. Antón, Ph.D

Chief Scientist of the Acquisition Innovation and Research Center (AIRC)

Panelist: William J. Parker, PhD

Executive Program Management Faculty, Defense Acquisition University

Panelist: Mr. Mark Hogenmiller

Chief Transformation Officer, Aeyon

Panelist: Dr. Laura Freeman

Deputy Director, Virginia Tech National Security Institute and Assistant Dean, College of Science