Session 18-C

The "Empowered CDO" in Government: Women in Data

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Data is front and center in today’s digital economy and is accelerating digital transformation across industries, the Federal government included. Much like the private sector, this increased focus on and use of data provides government organizations with tremendous opportunity, but also associated risk, some of which are unique to the public sector. As a result, the government is increasingly turning to Chief Data Officers as an addition to their c-suite in order to realize the promise of a data-driven future, while also working to mitigate the potential pitfalls. Join a panel of women CDOs in Government to discuss:

1. Congressional mandate for establishing the role of the CDO in Federal Government
2. Varying CDO stakeholder alignment and operating models
3. Considerations for promoting data democratization and open data within the public sector
4. Intersection of privacy, security and regulatory compliance
5. Mission success stories
6. Lessons learned


Adita Karkera

Chief Data Officer, Government & Public Services, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Ren Essene

Chief Data Officer, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Katherine Tom

Chief Data Officer, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Kirsten Dalboe

Chief Data Officer, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission