Session 3-E

Driving Digitalization with Data Performance Management

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There is no doubt that data is at the heart of digitalization. Way too often digitalization and data analytics projects fail due to insufficient data and never reach production state. However, achieving a satisfying level of data quality is not an easy task that requires people, processes, and technology to work together in a smooth way. In this presentation, DB Regio Bus, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, will present their success story and how they managed to raise the level of data quality to up to 99% for business critical data by setting up a data performance management.



Head of IT/CIO, DB Regio Bus

Sebastian Fischer

Head of Performance Management & MIS, DB Regio Strasse

Asha Joseph Pattani

Senior IT Architect, DB Regio Strasse

DR. Christian Fürber

Founder & CEO, Information Quality Institute GmbH