Session 19-G

CDO Version 2.0: The Rising Star of the C-Suite

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A 2022 New Vantage Partners survey reported, 74% of firms have a chief data officer or chief data and analytics officer, and 92% of firms are seeing returns from data and AI investments. However, research also suggests the average tenure of CDOs hovers at 2.5 years as compared to nearly seven years for the typical CEO and just over 4.5 years for the average CFO or CIO. This panel will discuss tenets to achieving long-term success and how the rapidly evolving definition of a CDO is set to blow up existing stats.


Moderator: Eileen Vidrine

Chief Data & AI Officer, Department of the Air Force

Panelists: Ryan Swann

Chief Data Analytics Officer, Principal, Vanguard

Panelists: Ron Thompson

Founder, West River Consultancy

Panelists: Adita Karkera

Chief Data Officer, Government & Public Services, Deloitte Consulting LLP